Psarisomus dalhousiae

Long-tailed Broadbill

Psarisomus dalhousiae

Classificação Ciêntifica

Reino: Animalia

Filo: Chordata

Classe: Aves

Ordem: Passeriformes

Família : Eurylaimidae


  • P. d. dalhousiae (Jameson, 1835) – Himalayan foothills E from N India (Uttarakhand) and Nepal, SE Bangladesh, and from N Myanmar and S China (W & S Yunnan, SW Guizhou, SW Guangxi) S to N Thailand, Laos and C Vietnam (C Annam); reported also from SE Tibet.
  • P. d. cyanicauda Riley, 1935 – SE Thailand and Cambodia.
  • P. d. divinus Deignan, 1947 – S Vietnam (S Annam).
  • P. d. psittacinus (S. Müller, 1836) – Peninsular Malaysia and Sumatra.
  • P. d. borneensis E. J. O. Hartert, 1904 – N Borneo.